Allllllrighty, I’ve been talking about this for a while on my blog, and now it’s time to unleash it to the Tumblr tags: Wentz Invaders!

Long story short: it’s a Space Invaders knock-off with a Pete Wentz theme.

I’ve used Illustrator to compose the graphics and the game is entirely coded dynamically in ActionScript 2, so you will need Flash on your browser to run the game, but you probably won’t need to be super up-to-date with it. Ah, and you can submit high scores when you eventually lose all your lives, thanks to two PHP queries.

And because I have a feeling that you might not switch between screens on the start page: Left and right arrows navigate | space bar shoots | shift pauses the game.

I’d like to personally thank Sarah for allowing me to absolutely chop up her Fall Out Boy 8-Bits to pieces to produce the sound effects and sound loops for the game.

And here’s a fun fact: before I could put it live on my site, I had to finish this amongst other projects at certain points over the past three months. Mere hours after I finished this to hand it into class, Fall Out Boy returned from the land of hiatus. :3

On that note… you can click here to play. Enjoy!

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